Structure and Characterization of Materials





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Basic crystallography and crystal structures. Periodic patterns, Lattices, Motif, Unit cells, Crystal structure, Primitive and Non primitive cells 1, Symmetry elements and point group notations 1, Crystal systems and Bravais lattices 1, Crystallographic directions and planes, Miller indices and Weiss zone law 1, Streo graphic projections 1, Bonding in materials and atomic packing in metals, coordination number concepts 1, Covalent bonding, glasses and polymers 2,Crystal defects and their significance. Point defects and their role in materials Processing, performance and failure 1, Ionically bonded structures: Pauling's rules and some examples 2, Point defects: thermodynamics, schottkey and Frenkel defect, KrogerVink notation, defect interactions 2, Dislocations, burgers vector, types of dislocations 1, Dislocation movement, slip systems, energetic of dislocations and their interactions 2, Planar defects: stacking faults, grain boundaries (low angle and high angle), anti phase 2.



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