Transport Phenomena





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I. Fluid dynamics : Introduction to Transport phenomena in materials processing, Newton's law of viscosity, equation of continuity, Navier Stokes equations, Macroscopic mass and energy balance ; Characteristics of industrial flows, Numerical problems on above topics of interest to metals and materials processing. 2. Heat transfer : Fundamentals of conduction heat transfer; Laws and equations; Steady and unsteady heat, conduction Numerical problems on conductive heat transfer, Fundamentals of convective heat transfer; free and forced convective heat transfer, Convective, heat transfer rate laws and heat transfer coefficient Problems on Convective heat transfer, Fundamentals of Radiation heat transfer and rate laws; view factors, Problems on Radiation heat transfer, Application of heat transfer in: Heat treatment, solidification, cooling of slabs, heat flow, through refractory walls etc. 3. Mass Transfer: Fundamentals of diffusion; rate laws, Uphill diffusion and Kirkendal's effect, steady and unsteady diffusion, Numerical problems on diffusion mass transfer, Fundamentals of convective mass transfer; free and forced convective mass transfer, Convective mass transfer, rate laws and mass transfer coefficient, Problems on Convective mass transport, Application of mass transfer in: case hardening, doping of semi conductors, homogenization, oxidation, absorption/desorption of gases in liquid metals.




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