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Electronic Device related characteristics of a semiconductor material Review: n and p type semiconductors, wafers, carrier mobility, conductivity, equilibrium carrier statistics, generation recombination processes and carrier transport, traps and defect states {2) Characterization : {a) Doping density: Secondary lon Mass Spectroscopy {SIMS) {0.75){b) Resistivity: Fourpoint probe {0.75) {c) Charge carrier type, density, mobility: Hall effect {1){d) Band gap: UV Visible spectroscopy {0.75) {e) Absorption coefficient {0.5)2 Semiconductor. Semiconductor junction : {a) PN junction in thermal equilibrium, JV characteristics: qualitative {3) {b) PN junction's JV characteristics of an ideal device, origin of non idealities {4) {c) Diode variants: solar cell {JV with illumination and bias effect and PIN diode, LEOs {2.5) {d) Device measurement of a solarell (Light and dark JV, R5 , Rsh, Efficiency) {0.5) {e) BJTs: Principle and device measurement {2)3 Metal Semiconductor junction : (a} Schottky and Ohmic contacts, thermionice mission, Tunnelling, Schottky diodes (2} (b) Contact resistance: Two terminal; Four terminal technique (0. 5} 5 (c) Barrier height: From 1V, CV, Photocurrent; comparison of three (1) (d) Capacitance Voltage measurements: Doping Density and majority carrier density profiling (1) (e) Band off set for a semiconductor semiconductor junction using CV technique (0.5} 4 Metal insulator semiconductor junctions : (a} MOS capacitor, quantitative analysis of a flat band device, CV characteristics (4.5} (b) MOS capacitor: deviations from flat band conditions (2.5} (c) Oxide charges : fixed, mobile, trapped and inter face trapped charges (1} (d) MOSFET (5} (e) Fin FET MOSFET: Architecture for creating simple Boolean logic, memory Dopant density profiling using CV (already discussed in section 3 above}.



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