Electroceramic Materials and Applications





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Course Contents

Introduction, FCC packed structures (MgO, Ce02 etc),HCP packed structures (LiNb03 etc), Other structures such as Perovskite (BaTi03 etc) and Rutile structures, Defects in Elemental Solids and Ionic Compounds, Defect Classes, Point Defects, Kroger Vink Notation, Point Defect Formation & Equilibrium, Law of Mass Action and electrical neutrality, Thermodynamics of Intrinsic Defects and Defect Reactions. Complexes Containing an Impurity Center and an Ionic. Defect, Intrinsic Ionic Defect Associates and Effect of Impurities on the Concentration of Defect Complexes and Associate. Defect Equilibria in Pure and Stoichiometric Compounds with Schottky Defects, Frenkel Defect Pairs and Intrinsic Ionization of Electrons.


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