Fundamentals of Spray Techniques





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Introduction Different Spray Techniques and their need Combustion Spraying:0 Flame Spraying 0 D Gun Thermal Spraying Techniques: 0 High Velocity oxy fuel Principle and Working Arc and Plasma Spraying:0 Wire/Powder Arc Spraying0 Plasma Spraying (Air/ Vacuum) Cold Spraying Spraying Parameters In flight conditions Plasmal Primary/ Secondary/ Carrier gases Power rating Feed rate Standoff distance Substrate preparation Powder. Powder size and distribution Powder Injection Reaction of particles. Coating Formation Evaporation/Condensation Comparison of deposition techniques Single Splat Formation Heat transfer and spreading of splat Splay layering and deposition Microstructure and densification of deposited coatings. Diagnostics and Coating Reliability Thermal and Kinetic Profiles ln flight particle sensor Control of Deposition parameters. Bulk Nanostructure and Near Net Shape Micro structural distribution Design and control of bulk nanostructure Mandrel choice Mandrel removal Lectures Case Studies: Thermal Barrier/ Ultra high temperature ceramics.



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