Microscopy and Microanalysis of Materials





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Advanced Optical microscopy: Special microscopy techniques and applications: Bright field and dark field imaging; con focal microscopy; interference microscopy; polarized light microscopy; phase contrast microscopy. Scanning near field laser microscopy Image processing and quantification Scanning electron micro scope: Basis of image contrast and various operating modes in SEM SE and BSE, X-ray, EBIC, cathodoluminescence, voltage contrast mode, Magnetic contrast mode. Environmental SEM, Low voltage SEM, and applications. Electron back scattered diffraction /OM: Basic principles, the micro textural data acquisition and analysis, applications. Fractography and failure analysis. Transmission electron microscope: Wave properties of electrons, lens defects, aberration corrected TEM and sub Angstrom resolution. Origin of contrast: mass thickness contrast, diffraction contrast and crystal defect analysis. Dynamic diffraction and anomalous absorption effects, image artifacts. BF, OF, Weak beam OF images and applications. Electron Diffraction: SADP, Micro diffraction, CBED. Diffuse scattering and fine structure in Diffraction pattern. Phase contrast and HRTEM: Contrast transfer function and lattice imaging, Computer simulation of lattice and structural images, Interpretation of images and illustrative examples. STEMHAADF imaging, information limit. Lorenz microscopy and holography. Specimen preparation: Mechanical thinning, electrochemical thinning, ion milling, sputter coating and carbon coating, replica.





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