Transmission Electron Microscopy & Nano-Analysis Of Materials





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Introduction: History, Interaction of electrons with matter, Different kinds of TEMs 22 Electron scattering and diffraction: Terminology of scattering Interaction cross section; concept of mean free path; Scattering in the TEM; Fraunhofer and Fresnel diffraction; electron diffraction patterns 23 Elastic and inelastic scattering in TEM: Elastic scattering mechanisms; scattering at isolated atoms, atomics catering factor, the structure factor, simple diffraction concepts. Inelastic processes occur in the tern: 44 Diffraction in TEM and diffraction techniques: diffraction in the tern and dynamical effects; practical aspects of diffraction pattern formation; reciprocal lattice, vector g, Ewald sphere of reflection; excitation error; diffraction from long period super lattices, small volumes, wedge shaped specimens, planar defects, particles, dislocations, etc. CBED patterns, comparing sad and CBED.





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