Practical Transmission Electron Microscopy & Nanoanalysis Of Materials





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Specimen preparation for TEM analysis: Metallic self supporting samples. Electro polishing Ceramics and electronic devices: Cross sectional specimen preparation Ion Milling Soft materials, polymers, biological specimens: Ultra microtomy Powders, Nano particles, fibers, fragments Focused Ion Beam techniques Importance and use of Plasma Cleaners TEM: Instrumental details and requirements : Physics of Different Electron Sources: Lenses, Ape11ures, and Resolution: Electron Detection Display and Image Recording Pumps and Holders Operating modes, Illumination System, alignment and aberration correction calibrations : Forming DPs and Images; STEM Imaging System: Alignment and Stigmation Lens Rotation Centers, Correction of Astigmatism in the Imaging Lenses, Calibrating the Imaging System; Magnification Calibration, Camera Length Caltbration; Electron Diffraction and diffraction techniques : Practical aspects of diffraction and diffraction pattern analysis Mathematical Definition of the Reciprocal Lattice; Laue Equations and their Relation to Bragg's Law, Ewald Sphere of Reflection; The Excitation Error Experimental SAD Techniques, Indexing Single Crystal DPs, Ring Patterns from Polycrystalline Materials, Hollow Cone Diffraction, Amorphous Materials Precession Diffraction, Double Diffraction, Orientation of the Specimen, Orientation Relationships Amplitude contrast imaging and image interpretations : Image artifacts in TEM Systematic Crystal defect analysis: Dislocation analysis, stacking fault analysis, Grain boundaries and Inter phase interface boundaries Volume Defects and Particles.



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