Crystallographic Texture & Mecrostructural Engineering





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Introduction to crystallographic texture. Refresher on X-ray diffraction: basic diffraction concepts, reciprocal space, instrumentation and geometry. Basics of neutron and synchrotron diffraction and comparison. Texture data representation: pole figures, inverse pole figures, orientation distribution function. Measurement of pole figures: experimental details, data processing, indexing. Determination of Orientation Distribution Function and Mis orientation. Distribution Function: calculation techniques, different notations, 3D and 2Drepresentation.Introduction to Electron Back Scatter Diffraction and micro texture: instrumentation, sample preparation, data acquisition and analysis. Mechanisms of evolution of texture during processing: solidification, phasetransformation, deformation, annealing.Modelling texture evolution.Texture evolution and measurement in thin films.Grain boundary engineering: Principle, practice and applications.Material formability and texture.Functional properties and texture.




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