Office Orders



Administration Section


Workshop related procedure - Non-academic employees (PDF)


Office Memorandum - Declaration of holiday on 14th April , 2017- Birthday of Dr. B R Ambedkar(PDF)


Grievance Redressal Mechanism(PDF)


Programme - Republic Day - 2017 (PDF)


Appointment of Election Officer - Election-Karmachari Sangathan (PDF)


Office Memorandum - Change of date of holiday - Milad-Un-Nabi (PDF)


Emplanement of additional Diagnostic Centers and Hospitals of Kanpur City in the Institute Referral list (PDF)


CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988- Relaxation to travel by air to visit NER, J&K and A&N (PDF)


Office Memorandum - MT Section (PDF)


Office Memorandum - Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid) (PDF)


Empanelment of Dr. Sanjeev Lal, Retinal Expert (PDF)


Extension of X-ray facilities empanelment at SPM Hospital (PDF)


Office Order related to Child Care Leave (CCL) (PDF)


Programme of Independence Day-2016 (PDF)


Health Centre booklet on payment basis for non-dependent family members (PDF)


Extension of term- Specialist OPD Consultants (PDF)


Forty Plus Health Assessment Programme (PDF)


Enhancement of consultations of Specialist ENT OPD (PDF)


Addition of new Consultants to the Institute Referral List (PDF)


New facilities in Health Centre(PDF)


Declaration of holiday on 14th April, 2016- Birthday of Dr. B R Ambedkar. (PDF)


Republic Day 2016 - Programme Schedule (PDF)


Republic Day (26th January) Celebration - 2016 (PDF)


Policy - Health Centre related matters (PDF)


New Merit Award Scheme for Non-teaching staff of the Institute (PDF)


Subscription to Post Retirement Medical Scheme (PRMS) by the employees joining after 31.03.2007 (PDF)


Holidays to be observed in Central Government Offices during the year 2016- Corrigendum.(PDF)


Formats for claiming overtime allowance (PDF)


Automated Mail Sorting Facility at IGI Airport, New Delhi (PDF)


CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988 - Relaxation to travel by air to visit NER, J & K and A & N (PDF)


Conveyance Allowance. (PDF)


Signing of Service Books (PDF)


Overtime Allowance (PDF)


Declaration of holiday on 14th April, 2015- Birthday of Dr. B R Ambedkar. (PDF)


Circular: Annual Property Return in respect of Group 'A' and 'B' Officers status as on 31st December 2014. (PDF)


Circular: Signing of Service Book (PDF)


Appointment of Returning Officer- ISCC Election. (PDF)


New Merit Award Scheme for Non-teaching staff of the Institute. (PDF)


Grant of revised rate of Daily Allowance on Tour. (PDF)


Regarding revised rate of various Allowances.
Ref.:DoPT OM No. A-27012/1/2014-Estt. (Allowance) dated 28.04.2014. (PDF)


Medical OPD facility to spouse of the deceased Institute employees. (PDF)


Regarding revised rate of various Allowances. (PDF)


Grant of washing allowances for Group 'C/D' employees. (PDF)


Grant of overtime allowance for Group 'B', 'C' & 'D' employees.. (PDF)


Declaration of holiday on 24th April, 2014 - Polling in Akbarpur constituency of Lok Sabha (PDF)


Declaration of holiday on 14th April, 2014 - Birthday of Dr. B R Ambedkar (PDF)


Air Travel on Official account - relaxation of Government instruction regarding (PDF)


Children Education Allowance for disabled children(PDF)


Notification of Festival Advance.(PDF)


Format for Festival Advance.(PDF)


Notification of ISCC Election.(PDF)


Appointment of Returning Officer.(PDF)


Conveyance Allowance.(PDF)


Engagement of Courier Companies- w.e.f. September 01, 2012.(PDF)


CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988·Relaxation for travel by air to visit J & K.(PDF)


"Merit Award "for the personal in recognition of exemplary service and sustained devotion to duty-reg.(PDF)


Admissibility of Services Gratuity, Retirement Gratuity and Death Gratuity.(PDF)


Extension of out-soured pathology services arrangement at Health Centre.(PDF)


Engagement of Courier Companies-w.e.f. July 01, 2011. (PDF)


Enhancement of stipend of apprentice trainees. (PDF)


Annual Property Return in respect of Group 'A' and 'B' Officers status as on 31st December 2010 (PDF)


Temporary withholding of Gratuity Amount as a precautionary measure till recovery of Institute dues (PDF)


Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (DTE Gen. Health Services - Medical Hospital - I Section) Order No. S-11025/45/10-MH-1 Dated 26 May, 2010 (PDF)


Fixed Medical Allowance to Pensioners (PDF)


CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988-Relaxation for austerity measures (PDF)


Uniform Allowance for Nurses (PDF)


Washing Allowance for Nurses (PDF)


Fire Allowance (PDF)


Children Disability Allowance (PDF)


CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988-Relaxation for travel by air to visit J & K (PDF)


Grievance of employees for consideration of Board Standing Committee (Grievance) (PDF)


Revision of pay scale (pre-revised) of Pharmacaists (PDF)


Physiotherapy Arrangements at Health Center (PDF)


Grant of the revised pay structure of Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/- in the pay band PB-2 to posts that existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500 as on 01.01.2006 and which were granted the normal replacement pay structure of Grade Pay of Rs. 4200 in the Pay Band PB-2 (PDF)


Revision of Nursing Allowance (PDF)


Installation of mail box meant for receiving RTI applications (PDF)


Air travel on official account - both domestic and international by Air India/IAC (PDF)


Revision of Hindi Allowance (PDF)


Revision of Special Allowance (PDF)


Grant of Uniform Allowance to the Nursing Staff/ Security Officer/Dy. Security Officers/Assistant Security Officers (As per the Sixth Pay Commission) w.e.f. 1st September 2008 (PDF)


Revision of Pay Band and Grade Pay of Group 'D' Staff (PDF)


Incentive to non-teaching staff for acquiring fresh higher qualifications - Revised Conditions (PDF)


Encashment of Earned Leave along with LTC while in service Travel Entitlement for the purpose of LTC (PDF)


Selected Group 'D' Employee for 03 days Training Program (PDF)


Air travel by Institute Officers & Staff on Tour, Transfer or LTC (PDF)


Constitution of Committee for acquiring training of Group D staff members-6th Pay Commission (PDF)


Staff members are transferred from Health Centre (PDF)


Declaration of holiday on 30th April 2009 in the Institute as per the schedule of General Elections-2009 in Kanpur and Akbarpur Constituency Seats (PDF)


Granting the Festival Advance to the eligible employee/s on regular Pay Scale at once in a Financial Year 2009-10 (PDF)


Option of NPS or CPF for the employees on contractual basis joined on or before 31.12.2003 (PDF)


Option of NPS or CPF for the employees joined on or after 01.01.2004 (PDF)


Review of cases of employees on contractual basis for confirmation (PDF)


Formation of the Committee to review for confirmation in respect of non-teaching staff on contract bases (PDF)


Recruitment & Career Progression Scheme (RCPS) for the Institute employees (B, C & D Groups) who have rendered at least 12 years of service from the date of joining the institute on or from 1st Assessment in their respective pay scale and designation in their concerned cadre and have not availed such assessment opportunity (PDF)


Grant of Washing Allowance to the 'D' employee/s (As per the Sixth Pay Commission) w.e.f. 1st September 2008 (PDF)


Modification of transfer order (PDF)


Festival Advance for Holi (PDF)


Staff members are proposed to be transferred with immediate effect (PDF)


Installation of Smartcard based Attendance Marking System (PDF)


Staff members are transferred with immediate Effect (PDF)


Assessment of the Institute Employees eligible on or after 01.01.2006 (PDF)


Implementation of 6th CPC in the Institute on November 28, 2008 (PDF)


Implementation of 6th CPC in the Institute (PDF)


Donation to Prime Minister's Relief Fund (PDF)


Implementation of the 6th Central Pay Commission in the Institute - Reference: office Memorandum of MHRD bearing No. 10-15/2008-TS.1 dated 06.10.2008 (PDF) (Form)


Implementation of the 6th Central Pay Commission in the Institute (PDF)


Removal of the cut-off date of assessment, as specified in the RCPS (PDF)


Request of Karmachari Sangathan for fitment of pay scale of Group 'D' staff members from Rs. 3050-4590 to Rs. 3200-4900 at par with a decision taken in the IIT Madras and IIT Delhi (PDF)


Implementation of Night Duty Allowance for Group 'B', 'C' and 'D' (PDF)


Festival Advance for Idu'l Fitr/Dussehra/Diwali (PDF)


Change of Designation-Technical Cadre and Change of designation of Senior Stenographer (SG)s (PDF)


Festival Advance for Idu'l Fitr/Dussehera/Diwali (PDF)


Status Report of Assessment & Fitment of Pay Scale and Change of Designation: Group B, C & D, Non Teaching Employees of IIT Kanpur & Functioning of office of Public Information, under RTI Act (PDF)


Transfers and allocation of job responsibilities of personnel


Renewal of Group insurance & Group savings linked insurance scheme (GSLI) (PDF)


Distribution of Internal Dak/Mails by authorized agency (PDF)


Appointment of Courier Agencies and restructuring of the Central Dak Dispatch System (PDF)


Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme (GSLI) (PDF)


Transfer (DOC) (PDF)


Revision of quantum of reservation for SC, ST & OBC employees of Group 'C' & 'D'


Extension of enhanced pay scale to Mechanics and Assistant Care Takers


Enhancement of tenure of contractual appointment


Upward revision of allowances: Nursing Staff w.e.f. 01.01.2006

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