Quantum Processes in Low Dimensional Semiconductors





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Characteristic length scales for quantum phenomena; scaling as a heuristic tool; scientific and technological significance of nanostructures and mesoscopic structures. Brief introduction to quantum view of bulk solids, introduction tokey ideas in transport and interaction of photons with material. Quantum structures: electronic properties: science and technology realizing low dimensional structures; MBE, MOCVD, Langmuir Blodgett films, novel processes; electronic properties of hetero structures, quantum wells, quantum wires, quantum dots, and super lattices, strained layer super lattices; transport in mesoscopic structures. Resonant tunneling, hot electrons, conductance and transmission of nano structures; principles of application of electronic devices. Quantum structures: optical properties: optical process in low dimensional semiconductors. Absorption. Luminescence, Excitons. Application to lasers and photo detectors, transport in magnetic field: magneto transport: transport in magnetic field, semi classical description, quantum approach, Aharonov Bohm effect, Shubnikov deHaas effect; introduction to quantum Hall effect.




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