Shikha Prasad

PhD (University of Michigan)

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering


Research Interest



  • PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • M.S.E, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • B.S.E, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor



  • S. Prasad, S. D. Clarke, S. A. Pozzi, E. W. Larsen, "Simulation of Neutron Pulse Height Distributionwith a Response Matrix Method," Nuclear Science and Engineering, 172, 78 (2012).

  • E. C. Miller, S. D. Clarke, M. Flaska, S. Prasad, S. A. Pozzi, and Enrico Padovani, "MCNPX-PoliMiPost-Processing Algorithm for Detector Response Simulations," Journal of Nuclear Materials Management,40, 34 (2012).

  • S. Prasad, N. Pinchuk, S.E. Andreson, R.F. Fleming, "Geometry Independent Indium ActivationAnalysis," Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 624, 180 (2010).

  • S. Prasad, S. D. Clarke, S. A. Pozzi, E. W. Larsen, "Time-Dependent Nonanalog MCNPX-PoliMiNeutron Scintillation Detector Response," Transactions of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management53rd Annual Meeting, 15 – 19 Jul., Orlando, FL USA (2012).

  • S. Prasad, S. D. Clarke, S. A. Pozzi, E. W. Larsen, "Organic Scintillation Detector ResponseSimulation Using Non–analog MCNPX-PoliMi," PHYSOR 2012 – Advances in Reactor Physics,15 – 20 April, Knoxville, TN USA (2012).


  • University of Michigan Rackham Barbour Fellowship,2011-2012

  • ERIN Engineering and Research Inc. Employee Recognition Award, 2008

  • University of Michigan, College of Engineering Regents Fellowship, 2006-2007

  • Bernstein Award, New Jersey



Department of Mechanical Engineering
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-6973 (O)

Email: shikhap[AT]

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