Short-term course on Geodesy for Senior Level Survey of India (SOI) officers by National Centre for Geodesy, IIT Kanpur



The National Centre for Geodesy (NCG), IIT Kanpur, has started a short-term course on Geodesy for Senior-Level Survey of India (SoI) officers, who have been nominated by the Surveyor General of India. It is a two-week course from July 19-30, 2021.

The course would cover fundamental topics on Geodesy, namely, Space Geodesy, Adjustment Computations and Physical Geodesy.

The course is being conducted online for 20 participants and involves lectures delivered by Prof. Onkar Dikshit, Prof. B. Nagarajan, and Prof. Balaji Devaraju from the Department of Civil Engineering. Hands-on exercises follow the lectures during the laboratory session. The participants are provided remote access to desktop machines at the NCG laboratory, where all necessary software is pre-installed. Alternatively, participants can also complete laboratory exercises on their computers if they wish to.



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