Introductory Sociology





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What is Sociology? Explain how the new science of society came about in the nineteenth century in Western Europe and how it was different from earlier social thought. Discuss the intellectual and social conditions which gave rise to sociology. The Intellectual roots Philosophy of history, political philosophy and the Enlightenment. The socioeconomic roots: the Twin Revolutions The Industrial Revolution The French Revolution Theoretical thinking in sociology(A) Classical sociological theorists: Karl Marx Max Weber Emile Durkheim(B) Modern sociological theories 1 Functionalism and Structural Functionalism Conflict theory Symbolic Inter-actionism Society, Community and Self 21ectures Norms, values, roles, custom, status Deviance Theories of sub culture. The concept of anomie Sociology of Organizations Different sociological theories of organization Formal and informal organizations Social Stratification and Inequality 41ectures Class Race and Ethnicity Gender Caste Disability Poverty Definition and measurement Extent of poverty Theories of poverty Power and Politics Debating basic concepts in political sociology Authoritarianism and democracy Sociology of Work and Economy Work, non work and leisure Taylorsim, Fordism and Post Fordism Sociology of Religion Sociological theories of religion Religious organizations Secularization debates.





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