Social initiative BLISS (Brightening Lives from Social Support) organized by IIT Kanpur Techkriti 21



Techkriti is Asia’s one of the largest technical and entrepreneurial festivals organized by IIT Kanpur. It is a four day annual inter-collegiate festival with a participation of around 1500 esteemed colleges from all over the world. From the year 1995, when it was launched, it has continued to encourage innovation in technology among the students by hosting a plethora of prismatic events including exciting competitions, interesting workshops, enthralling talks, intriguing exhibitions and many other informal events. Now, school students have also become an integral part of Techkriti with the introduction of a new event, Techkriti Open School Championship (TOSC).

Besides conducting workshops, competitions and talks, Techkriti organizes stupendous shows and performances as well which prove to become the largest attention seekers. The festival, in some past years, witnessed concert by Piyush Mishra, DJ night by Willy William, stand up comedy Zakir Khan, and Biswa Kalyan Rath, Drone Show, DJ night by Zephyrtone and DJ Morgan, concert by Sonu Nigam, and Kailash Kher Edge Ryderz (motorbike stunt show), informal session by TVF Pitchers team, breathtaking performance by Farhan Akhtar, Beltek and NDS & Blues, Finnish rock band, 3D projection mapping show, fireworks and laser shows, Sukhwinder Singh’s performance, concert by Nucleya, magic show by magician Nigel Mead, The Laser Man, Feeding the Fish, air show by Akash Ganga team of Indian Air Force, “An alarm clock that runs on water, robots that play water polo, a plane flying contest. It’s not a sci-fi movie, and much more.

Techkriti, in its past 26 years, witnessed various renowned personalities who showed the right direction to the innovative minds of the students by offering informative talks and motivational speeches. The words of such experienced people help to nurture future technology endeavours.

In our society there is an evident division between the privileged and its socially neglected parts .Techkriti firmly believes that some efforts on our part to curb this issue can bring a decisive change in the society. Through our social initiative, BLISS (Brightening Lives by Igniting Social Support) we try to contribute towards bridging the gap between these two sections. BLISS started its journey with old age home visits, where we interacted with the most experienced section of the society and made them feel that they are needed and cared for. As a part of BLISS, we also organized a “Run for a Cause" marathon in the wake of recent floods in Kanpur villages which aimed to reward the athletic talent and promote building sports facilities.

The entire globe witnessed a drastic pandemic which forced the current education system to undergo its biggest shift ever. Of all the status-quos disrupted by covid-19, the education system has undoubtedly faced the biggest hurdle and in order to tackle this almost all the schools have begun functioning in a virtual mode. But with this drastic shift, we are moving back to the era when education was a privilege because for the underprivileged students who can’t afford smartphones and internet connection, learning has come to a halt. In order to help these children walk side by side with the technologically progressive world, Smile Foundation has come up with a mission “Shiksha Na Ruke” which aims at providing education and help to the underprivileged children.

Under the banner of “Shiksha Na Ruke'' , Techkriti conducted a drawing competition as a part of the social initiative ‘ BLISS- Brightening Lives by Igniting Social Support’. We aim to provide visibility and publicity to this mission in every possible manner. Team Techriti also planned an engrossing session with the children to know about what they dream to be and to kindle the hope of a promising future and the strength to dream. Our volunteers were overwhelmed after interacting with these children. One girl told us that she wants to become a teacher as she believes that educating others is the best deed one can do. One of the students shared his dream to wear the doctor’s coat. Others also shared a lot of exciting ideas. Our volunteers were thrilled to know about the budding dreams in the minds of these young children.

The competition was organized in four cities- Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow and Varanasi at the centres of Smile Foundation for the children of classes I to V . They had 2 hours time to prepare a drawing on the theme “What’s your Dream”. Team Techkriti provided the necessary stationery. The best drawing from each city won the competition and was rewarded. We hope to conduct many such events in the future to provide sheer bliss to these people.



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