Manufacturing Processes I





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Introduction to manufacturing: Evolution of manufacturing, Engineering materials classification, Evolution of manufacturing and its classifications. Engineering Materials: Structure of materials, Types of materials, Properties of materials, Microstructure property interrelationship. Casting/ Solidification: Classifications of casting processes, Patterns, Core making, Gating system, Solidification of pure metals and alloys, shrinkage, gas solubility, Riser design, Investment casting, Casting defects. Joining processes: Fusion welding: Arc (MMAW, SAW, SMAW), Gas welding and resistance welding, Fusion zone, Heat affected zone (HAZ), Brazing and Soldering, Solid state welding processes, Thermit welding. Deformation processes: Engineering stress strain curve, Effect of temperature on the workability, Extrusion (direct and indirect)Rolling classification, roll camber, defects, Forging (open and closed die) Wire drawing, Defects, Sheet metal forming. Powder metallurgy: Introduction, Powder production, Compaction, and Sintering, Engineering stress strain curve. Plastic injection molding: Flow forming of plastic components. Heat Treatment: Special techniques (Non conventional techniques).




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