Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Optech's ILRIS-3D Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging System is a complete, fully portable, laser-based imaging and digitizing system for the commercial survey, engineering, mining and industrial markets.
A compact and highly integrated package with digital image capture and sophisticated software tools, ILRIS-3D is a 21st-century solution that addresses the needs of commercial users. ILRIS-3D is field-ready and requires no specialized training for deployment. About the size of a motorized total station, with an on-board high resolution digital camera and large-format LCD viewfinder, ILRIS-3D has a visual interface similar to that of a digital camera. Field deployment is made extremely efficient by ILRIS-3D's high data rate and large dynamic range - from 3 m to >1,500 m. ILRIS-3D is eyesafe in all modes of operation.

ILRIS-3D is deployed by a single operator. The modular design ensures that all functionality is available, making operation as easy as possible. Setup is rapid and simple - no leveling required - and the system is controlled via a wireless handheld PDA or laptop. The target area and scan status are displayed locally on screen, and data is written directly to removable media. Measurement area and spot density are user definable.
ILRIS-3D is designed for rugged field use, based on Optech's experience in designing and manufacturing laser-based industrial level monitors, object positioners and mining equipment. It is rated for operation from 0oC to 40oC, and is weatherproof for use outdoors. The system's Class 1 and Class 1M eyesafety rating, large dynamic collection range and compact size all ensure that difficult surveys can be completed quickly, safely and accurately.


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