The Brain Based Intelligence Test- A test integrating neural foundation of cognitive abilities



Moving a step ahead towards Atmanirbhar Bharat, the indigenous test of cognitive abilities, the Brain-Based Intelligence Test (BBIT) was launched today. Under the able leadership of Prof. J.P. Das, University of Alberta, a team comprising of top psychologists of the country such as Prof. Braj Bhushan, IIT Kanpur, Prof. U.N. Dash, Utkal University, Prof. Prakash Padakannaya, Ashoka University, and clinical practitioners such as Dr. Renu Goyal, Ms. Swagatika Samantray, Dr. Pooja Jha, and Dr. Ragesh Nair constituted team BBIT.

They worked hard to develop and standardize this first of its kind test by and for the Indian population. It comprises of two major parts— INFORMATION INTEGRATION and EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS and PLANNING. The major abilities assessed by BBIT includes Cognitive Flexibility, Inhibition Control, Working Memory, Fluency, Planning & Complex Problem Solving, Configuration, and Successive Processing. BBIT is available with Indian norms for children and adults above the age of years. It is used for the assessment of major cognitive functions as it reframes the traditional Intelligence (IQ) Tests. It is being marketed by Hyderabad based company BBIT India ( ).

The brain-based approach is an integration of biology and cognitive processes. BBIT is based on the theories and systems of brain mechanisms responsible for cognitive processes that are localized in different brain areas.

Besides the traditional use of tests of intelligence/ cognitive abilities, BBIT will be of tremendous use for predicting school achievement and career planning, assessing intellectual strength such as relative strength and weakness in STEM or Humanities. It will also be useful for cognitive profiling of those with Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, Neurological Impairments, and Chronic Poverty, a cultural disadvantage.

Prof Abhay Karandikar, Director IIT Kanpur, congratulated the team for devising a unique method for testing cognitive abilities as per Indian norms. He said that IIT Kanpur is committed to developing indigenous solutions.



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