Virtual Internship Programme for Jammu & Kashmir students at IIT Kanpur



All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has signed MoU with IITs and IISERs for providing internship opportunity to students from Jammu & Kashmir in institutes to provide an exposure to the academic culture at higher learning institutes. It is expected that they will be working on cutting edge research in the field of science and technology under the guidance of faculties from these premier institutions. These internships are also expected to help create conditions conducive to the quest for knowledge and its applicability in work. The internship experience will augment outcome based learning process and inculcate various attributes in a student in line with the graduate attributes.

AICTE has taken this initiative to provide internship opportunity to Jammu & Kashmir Students. AICTE has a commitment to make the technical graduates employable and realises that internship is an important stage which helps the students to understand the industry while preparing for transition into the job.




Students from any of the Science & Engineering disciplines of Under Graduate and Post Graduate programs studying in higher education institution situated in Jammu & Kashmir are eligible to apply for this internship program.

This year due to pandemic the committee decided to go for online internship program. IIT Kanpur has decided for a two months online internship program after looking into the academic calendar of the students.

Prof. J. Ramkumar Programme Coordinator Said, “We received many applications for this program but finally based on merit we short listed 20 students including 8 girls. The students are majorly from Civil, Electrical, Computer science, Mechanical Engineering and Physics. Mostly they are second year and third year students from Government college of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Islamic University of Science and Technology, GDC Billawar and Model Institute of Engineering and Technology”.

These students are individually allocated with mentors based on their field of interest. The internship is planed starting from Jan 27th 2021 to March 29, 2021. As part of the internship the students will be given exposure to various labs of IIT K and every week with a special lecture on latest technological advancements. Followed by the lecture a Happy Hour is also planned so that the students can exposed their talent and have discussions in career planning.

The entire event is handled by Prof.J.Ramkumar, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Design Program and Dean of Academic Affairs office.



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