Postdoctoral Fellowship


Purpose and Objective

Postdoctoral training is imparted for scholarly development and career advancement for individuals who have obtained a doctoral degree. The training is conducted under the supervision of one (or more) professor(s) who is a faculty member qualified in the discipline in which training is being sought. The faculty role is to mentor the postdoctoral candidate for career development and the external job market. Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to perform supervised research (preferably collaboratively), write grant and research proposals, and to present their research resulting in good quality publications. In addition to research skills, it is important that postdoctoral fellows achieve proficiency in other professional skills important in embarking upon a successful career. Although responsibilities other than research, such as teaching and/or organizing conferences, academic workshops and seminars, are usually minimal, such activities can be pursued in the context of the postdoctoral fellows' personal training goals, and in conjunction with department's administration.

Eligibility Criteria


Eligibility Criteria

The Department of Management Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, U.P., India, is looking for individuals for post-doctoral positions in all areas of Industrial Engineering and Management Science broadly defined.*While a doctoral degree is a must, evidenced experience or demonstrated potential in research will be of particular interest. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to join one or more researchers on academic topics of mutual interest.


The expectations from the candidates are as follows:


Prepare papers for journal publications, scientific and public reports, and work closely with faculty, collaborators, reviewers and other stakeholders for academic activity



Actively contribute to the design, development, and implementation of high quality research agendas



Analyze data, interpret results, prepare reports and present recommendations



Work with a team of researchers at times to meet deadlines



Communicate closely with the department's faculty


The ideal candidate will possess:


Good academic credentials



Strong and demonstrated fundamentals in industrial engineering and/or management science and related disciplines



Demonstrated ability to learn and excel in related disciplines



Excellent communication and teamwork skills



The ability to multi-task



A Ph.D. or equivalent in a related discipline


* : Some areas of interest to faculty members include game theory, information systems and decision sciences, operation research and management, marketing, finance, probability and statistics, economics, big data analytics, human resources, infrastructure and regulatory policy, organization behaviour, strategy, accounting, innovation, sustainable development and entrepreneurship.






Fellowship of INR 50,000 per month for the first year and INR 55,000 per month for the second year, and INR 60,000 per month for the third year. The fellowship is available for a maximum of three years. The fellowship will be renewed every year after the successful review at the end of each year. The candidates are eligible for INR 1,00,000 per year for travel and contingency. Medical benefits and other campus facilities will be the same as those of the regular students of IIT Kanpur. Leave rule will be the same as that of postgraduate students at IIT Kanpur.


Apply Now


How to apply

Interested candidates may apply online through the portal by providing documents such as
(a) curriculum vitae,
(b) cover letter with a mention on preferred mentor(s)
(c) research plan and
(d) other relevant supporting documents.