Regular Faculty



Abhinava Tripathi

PhD (IIM Lucknow)
Financial Markets, Market microstructure, Liquidity, Market Efficiency, Banking, Corporate Banking, Credit risk management in Banking, Project Finance, Investment Management, Derivatives, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Corporate Valuation and Restructuring, R programming: Quantitative applications in Finance with R, Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting.
Telephone: +91-512-259-2339 (O)


Amit Shukla

Fellow in Management (IIM Lucknow)
Emerging Employment Relationship, Citizenship Behaviour, Psychological Ownership, Positive OB, Academic Excellence, Staffing, Talent and Performance Management
Telephone: +91-512-259-6876 (O)


Anoop Singh

Fellow in Management (IGIDR Mumbai)
Infrastructure and Regulatory Issues, Energy and Environment, Microeconomics
Telephone: +91-512-259-7679 (O)


Avijit Khanra

Fellow in Management (IIM Ahmedabad)
Scheduling, Stochastic Systems, Inventory and Supply Chain Management
Telephone: +91-512-259-6180 (O)


B. V. Phani

Fellow in Management (IIM Calcutta)
Financial Management, Valuation & Real options, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurial Finance and Financial Intermediaries & Financial Markets
Telephone: +91-512-259-6606/6646 (O)


Deepu Philip

Ph. D. (MSU Bozeman)
Decision Support Systems, Robust planning & scheduling with local searches, Systems simulation, Smart systems, AI based searches, Experimental design, Entrepreneurial decisions, ITS.
Telephone: +91-512-259-7460 (O)


Devlina Chatterjee

Ph. D. (IISc. Bangalore)
Managerial Economics, Applied Econometrics, Rural Economics, Empirical Finance.
Telephone: +91-512-259-6960 (O)


Faiz Hamid

Fellow in Management (IIM Lucknow)
Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Network Optimization, Data Science
Telephone: +91-512-259-6431 (O)


Harshal Rajan Mulay

Ph. D. (IIM Calcutta)
Law and Finance, Culture and Finance, Creditor Rights, Banking, Corporate Finance
Telephone: +91-512-259-6708 (O)


Jitender Kumar

Ph. D. (IIT Roorkee)
Brand Management, Consumer Psychology, Brand Communities
Telephone: +91-512-259-2161 (O)


Jothsna Rajan

PhD (IIM Bangalore)
Partnerships, Public Administration, Policy Evaluation
Telephone: +91-512-259-2234 (O)


Mousami Prasad

PhD (IIT Bombay)
Energy and Climate Change Economics; Energy Transition; Energy Policy; Industrial decarbonisation (Green Steel; Green Hydrogen)
Telephone: +91-512-259-2266 (O)


Nivedita Bhaktha

PhD (The Ohio State University)
Psychometrics, Data Quality Assessment, Multivariate Analysis, Latent Variable Modeling, Categorical Data Analysis, Simulation Studies, Data Visualization, Survey Research, Research Methods
Telephone: +91-512-259-2459 (O)


Prerna Gautam

PhD (University of Delhi)
Operational Research, Optimization, Sustainability, Waste Management, Service Operations Management
Telephone: +91-512-259-2265 (O)


Parvati Neelakantan

PhD (University College Dublin)
Financial Data Science, Sustainable Finance
Telephone: +91-512-259-2418 (O)


Raghu Nandan Sengupta

Fellow in Management (IIM Calcutta)
Statistical Inference Problems , Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), Multicriteria Decision Making, Network Flows, Econometrics methods in Finance.
Telephone: +91-512-259-6607 (O)


Rahul Varman

Fellow in Management (IIM Ahmedabad)
The Political Economy of Corporations, Globalisation and Working Classes, Governance of Global Value Chains
Telephone: +91-512-259-7970 (O)


R. R. K. Sharma

Fellow in Management (IIM Ahmedabad)
Quantitative Methods, Manufacturing Policy, Strategic Management.
Telephone: +91-512-259-7172 (O)


Shankar Prawesh

Ph. D. (University of South Florida)
Big Data, Recommender Systems, Social Media, Agent Based Simulation
Telephone: +91-512-259-6182 (O)


Sourav Majumdar

Ph. D. (IIM Ahmedabad)
Circular Statistics, Quantitative Finance, Topological Data Analysis
Email: souravm[AT]
Telephone: +91-512-259-2460 (O)


Sri Vanamalla V

Ph. D. (IISc. Bangalore)
Applied Operations Research, Optimization and Game Theory.
Email: vanamala[AT]
Telephone: +91-512-259-6608 (O)


Subhankar Mukherjee

PhD (IIM Calcutta)
Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Telephone: +91-512-679-2048 (O)


Subhas Chandra Misra

Ph. D. (Carleton University)
Business Process Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), ERP and Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics/Data Analysis, E-Governance, Project Management
Telephone: +91-512-259-7430 (O)


Suman Saurabh

PhD (IIM Ahmedabad)
Corporate Finance, Payout Policy, Investments, Derivative Pricing
Telephone: +91-512-259-2015 (O)


Suvendu Naskar

PhD (IIM Calcutta)
Information Technology, Emerging Technologies, Supply Chain Management, SC Finance, Social and Organisational impact of IT
Telephone: +91-512-259-2370 (O)


V Giridhar

PhD (IIM Shillong)
Subaltern Consumer Culture, Consumer Behaviour, Retail Management
Telephone: +91-512-679-2267 (O)


Veena Bansal

Ph. D. (IIT Kanpur)
Data Science, Software Project Management, ERP
Telephone: +91-512-259-7743 (O)


Vinay Ramani

Ph. D. (University at Buffalo)
Economics-Operations Management Interface; Industrial Organization; Pricing Strategy
Telephone: +91-512-259-2289 (O)


Vipin B

Ph.D. (IIT Madras)
Decision Theory, Inventory Theory, and Supply Chain Management
Telephone: +91-512-259-2005 (O)