Digital Signal Processing Laboratory



The lab is used by research students and course no: EE606 (ARCHITECTURE AND APPLICATIONS OF DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSORS)

Contact No: 7773


Lab Setup




  • The software facilities include the following:Code Composer Studio MatLab LabVIEW

  • Test and measuring instruments:Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 100 MHz Function/ Pulse Generators 20 MHz Microphones Headphones Speakers

  • Computers include various software and applicationsb Intel Quad Core Desktop Computer Intel Pentium IV Desktop Computer Intel Core I7 Desktop Computer

  • Introduction to Code Composer Studio-I

  • Introduction to Code Composer Studio-II

  • Introduction to the Addressing Modes

  • FFT and Bit Reversal Operation

  • FFT and its Applications

  • Audio Codec and its Applications

  • Real Time Data Exchange

  • FIR filtering by interfacing Matlab with Code Composer Studio

  • Introduction to Interrupts

  • Digital communication using Binary Phase Shift Keying

  • Vijay Kumar Yadav


Mr. Vijay Kumar Yadav
Location: ACES 305