Jeet Bindra Unit Operations & Innovation Lab

Unit Operations Laboratory is based on exciting capstone courses on core areas of thermodynamics, fluids, separation, heat and mass transport, reaction engineering and process control. The laboratory features several bench scale unit-operations experiments focused on pumping fundamentals, heat exchange, membrane separation, kinetics, liquid extraction, vacuum drying, and flow measurement, among other chemical processes. Students gain hands-on experience and are encouraged to build teamwork skills in a state-of-the-art environment. This lab essentially complements classroom lectures with practical training for 3rd and 4th year UG students. Practical skills such as these prove to be indispensable on a graduate's first job in industry and thereby this lab enriches them with experience that prepares them to hit the ground running. Students generally work in teams to plan and conduct experiments, collect and analyze data, and write technical reports. The unique facility affords students the opportunity to learn in a real-world chemical-processing work environment providing a practical, hands-on experience. For example, students measure pressure drops across pipes of various lengths and diameters, and pipe fittings. Flow measurement devices are utilized. Friction coefficients are determined. Various control strategies can be employed. Students use PID or advanced control algorithms to control liquid flow or reservoir temperature. Data acquisition and process control is conducted via LabVIEW. Fluidization phenomenon of alumina and silica particles by air can be studied. This involves both fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Correlations are invoked for the data analysis. Students perform viscosity measurements of liquids with various types of rheological behavior.

Recently, Shri Jagjeet Singh Bindra (BT/CHE/1969), our illustrious alumnus and Institute fellow, made substantial contributions, both financially and intellectually, towards the creation of the “Jeet Bindra Unit Operations and Innovation Lab”. Due to his diligence and vision, the chemical engineering department can boast of a state-of-the-art laboratory. The institute invited Mr. Bindra for the inauguration of the lab on its completion & also presented him with Institute Fellow Award when he visited the campus on 12th April 2022 and inaugurated the renovated lab of the Chemical Engineering department which has now been named as the Jeet Bindra Unit Operations & Innovation Lab. Mr. Bindra has been a dynamic part of the unique technological ecosystem which has its roots at IIT Kanpur. His immense contribution and support towards the development of the department and in general, the institute will always be cherished.

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