About Department

Department of Chemical Engineering is among the five departments established at the inception of IIT Kanpur in 1959. Along with other pioneer departments, it ushered in a new paradigm in undergraduate engineering education that fosters the creative thinking process in a very open and vibrant academic environment. From an early emphasis on developing and perfecting the undergraduate curriculum to nurturing a fledgling post-graduate research program to significantly contributing to applied and fundamental ChE research, we have grown from strength-to-strength over the past several decades.. read more


We strive to become the leading contributor to India's technological ambitions and societal needs by rigorously preparing our students to be leaders in these efforts, and by the creation and dissemination of knowledge at the highest levels.


  • To produce leaders and engineers who can solve problems with disruptive ideas and create a new path for future generation of chemical engineers.
  • Provide vibrant research programs to attract top talents and undertake grand challenge problems.
  • Strengthen industry-academia relationships, solve industry and society's needs through disruptive technologies, and shape engineering science and technology through an interdisciplinary approach.

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