Talk Title : Making of a Researcher : Some random thoughts
Speaker - Prof. Raj Chhabra, Professor, School of Engineering, Shiv Nadar-Institution of Eminence (SNIOE)
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About the Speaker

Prof. R. P. Chhabra R P Chhabra received his BE, ME & PhD (all in Chemical Engineering) from the erstwhile University of Roorkee (1974), the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1976) and Monash University, Melbourne (1980) respectively. After a post-doctoral experience at the University of Wales at Swansea (UK), he joined the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 1984. He has been a Professor of Chemical Engineering at IIT Kanpur since 1991. His main research interests are in studying the influence of non-Newtonian characteristics (shear-dependent viscosity, visco-plasticity and visco-elasticity, for instance) as exhibited by most structured substances (of multiphase and/or high molecular weight nature) including foams, emulsions, slurries and polymeric systems on convective transport in such fluids in model configurations like the flow over a sphere (Stokes problem) or two- dimensional cylinders of different shapes. He has published widely in this field and has three books in this field to his credit. He is a Fellow of the both Indian National Science Academy and Indian National Academy of Engineerin

Research Scholar's Day

Research Scholar Day is a yearly one-day event, which showcases the original research of graduate students in the chemical engineering department. The purpose of this symposium is to facilitate scientific discussion, foster student-faculty interactions, and provide a platform for students to present their work to a wider audience. Eminent researchers are invited to deliver lectures every year as part of the plenary talks for the research scholar.


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