Energy and Sustainability

Nanoscience and technology today is an emerging research area that aims at developing new generation of materials and devices engineered at the nanoscale for ground breaking properties and functionalities for diverse applications such as drug delivery, diagnostics, electronics, cosmetics and catalysis. Control of matter at the nanoscale is crucial for imparting properties, shapes and chemical compositions that are very different from their bulk counterparts. Fundamental properties - such as quantum properties, solubility and surface chemistry can thus be engineered to make the materials suitable for specific applications. Ours is one of the leading departments in nanoscience and technology research endowed with state-of the- art research facilities. The mission is to develop highly innovative materials and products for society via innovation. Currently, six faculty members are involved in nanoscience and nanotechnology research projects with multidisciplinary research efforts. Several projects have been funded by government agencies (e.g. DST, DBT, DRDO, BRNS, etc.) as well as industries (e.g. Chevron, HLL, etc.).

Our current research encompasses nanolithography, nanosensors, nano-drug delivery, sustainable energy materials and systems, nanoadhesives, functional polymers, self assembly, nanowires, nanocarbon materials, nanocomposites, carbon MEMS, nanocatalysts, nanosoftmaterials, nanotribology, lab on chips, nanophosphors, nanomechanics, etc.

List of Faculty working in this area