Our research focuses on practical process engineering/design innovations utilizing the principles of material/energy integration and process intensification. We are strong proponents of the simultaneous process design philosophy encompassing conceptual process design (flowsheet synthesis), steady state economic optimization and operability analysis towards sustainable, green and operable process design. In addition research on algorithmic tools for mass and energy integration, we also focus on systematic economic plantwide control system design towards squeezing out the maximum economic benefit (e.g. maximum throughput or minimum energy per kg product) from a plant without compromising safety and stability. The research applies process systems engineering tools (bifurcation analysis, control structure configuration design, design-controllability interaction etc.) to a wide variety of processes.

In the process intensification area, our current focus is on the application of HiGee for replacing bulky trickle bed reactor/distillation/absorption units with equivalent small-size HiGee units. Research is also underway on fixed bed and simulated moving bed pressure swing adsorption for the sharp separation of gas mixtures. All of our research has a strong industrial focus with significant collaborations.

Recent Selected Publications

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