Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

List of Patents

Sr. No.InventorsTitleIPA No.Filing DateGrant No.
1 Dr. Kunal Ghosh (AE) A Device for Extracting Power from to-and-fro Wind 2673/DEL/1996 02.12.1996 212643
2 Dr. Abhijit Kushari (AE) Mr. Mahindra Singh Rawat (AE) A Twin- Fluid Internally Mixed Swirl Atomizer 180/DEL/2004 09.02.2004 262457
3 Dr. D. P. Mishra, AE An Improved Tandoor 1292/DEL/2004 14.07.2004 251576
4 Dr. Kunal Ghosh (AE) A Wind Turbine Device 570/DEL/2005 16.03.2005 265417
5 Dr. Kamal K Kar (ME), Dr. Prashant Kumar (ME), Dr. N. G. R. Iyengar (AE), Mr. Prahbat Kumar (MME) Carbon Nanotube and Nanoparticle Coated Carbon Fiber Reinforced-polymer Hybrid Nanocomposite with Improved Thermomechanical Properties and a Process for Preparation Thereof 1813/DEL/2005 14.07.2005 258293
6 Dr. D. P. Mishra, AE & Mr. S. C Nayak Recuperative Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vortex Burner System 3197/DEL/2005 29.11.2005 269392
7 Dr. Abhijit Kushari, AE, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Sr. Pro. Asso (AE), Dr. C. Venkatesan, AE & Dr. C. S. Upadhyay, AE Drile Measurement Machine 1656/DEL/2007 03.08.2007  
8 Dr. C. Venkatesan, AE, Dr. A. Kushari AE and Dr. C.
S. Upadhyay, AE , Mr. Sanjeev Kr. Gupta, Sr. Pro. Asso, AE
Piston Based Resistor 1886/DEL/2007 06.09.2007 306832
9 Dr. C. Venkatesan, AE, Dr. A. Kushari, AE, Dr. C. S. Upadhyay, AE & Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Sr. Pro. Asso. , AE Estimation of Inertia Tensor and Centre of Gravity of a Vehicle on the Three Axes Platform 2365/DEL/2007 13.11.2007  
10 Dr. D. P. Mishra, AE, Mr. S. Y. Jejurkar, Doctoral student, AE A Heat Recurperating Microcombustor 2257/DEL/2009 03.11.2009  
11 Dr. D P Mishra, AE Low Emission and Energy Efficient CNG Burner 2347/DEL/2009 13.11.2009  
12 Dr. Kunal Ghosh, AE Device for Power Control and Storm Security for Savonius Wind Turbine 1217/DEL/2010 26.05.2010  
13 Dr. Kunal Ghosh, AE A Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for Augmenting Torque 212/DEL/2011 31.01.2011 330293
14 Dr. Abhijit Kushari, (AE), Mr. Mukul Atri, Student , Mr. Sriram Ganesan, Student An Arrangement for Jet Engine to Reduce Noise 3603/DEL/2011 12.12.2011  
15 Dr. D P Mishra (AE), Ms. Manisha B Padwal Two- Fluid Atomizer 1551/DEL/2013 23.05.2013  
16 Dr. D P Mishra (AE) Hydrogen Gas Burner and Method of Combustion in Hydrogen Gas Burner 2545/DEL/2013 28.08.2013  
17 Dr. Debopam Das (AE) and Mr. Joydeep Bhowmik (PhD Student) Ornithopter 59/DEL/2015 07.01.2015  
18 Mr. Tigmanshu Goyal , Mr. David Kumar, Mr. Shyam Kumar Vemuri, Dr. P M Mohite, Dr. Sudhir Kamle (AE) Independently Controlled Gull Inspired Bionic Flapping Wing Mechnanism for UAVs 509/DEL/2015 23.02.2015  
19 Dr. Abhishek (AE), Mr. Palash Jain (Student) and Kirti Bhatnagar (Student) High Efficiency Variable-pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) 904/DEL/2015 31.03.2015  
20 Mr. Chandrala Lakshmana Dora, Mr. Kuchimanchi K Bharadwaj and Dr. Debopam Das (AE) A System for Particle Generator in PIV Applications 4130/DEL/2015 16.12.2015  
21 Dr. Abhishek (Asst Dr. ), AE Dr. Mangal Kothari (Asst Dr. ), AE, Mr. Ramdas (PhD Student, AE) Ms. Nidhi sh Raj (PhD Student, AE) High Endurance Quadrotor Helicopter 4184/DEL/2015 19.12.2015  
22 Dr. Sathesh Mariappan (AP, AE) Dr. Anand Singh (AP, Chm), Sai sandeep Dammati (AE, Student), Kuchimanchi K Bharadwaj (PhD Student, AE), Santosh D. Jadhav (Student, Chm) Temperature Sensitive Paint for the Usage in Green Spectrum of Light 201611001597 15.01.2016 324934
23 Dr. Abhishek (AE), Dr. Abhijit Kushari (AE), Mr. Yonas Gebre (AE), Mr. Palash Jain (AE) A Device for Power Control and Storm Protection for Wind Turbine 201611003599 02.02.2016  
24 Mr. Rishi Kant (ME), Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya (ME), Mr. Abhijit Verma (AE), Mr. Naman Kumar Rawal (AE) Micropump for Fluidic Applications 201611005750 18.02.2016  
25 Dr. Abhishek, AE, Dr. Mangal Kothari, AE, Ms. Namrata Gupta (Student, AE), Mr. Vishnu Chipade (Student, AE), Mr. Naveen Gupta (Student, AE), Mr. Rushikesh Chaudharu (Student, AE), Mr.
Ranvijay Singh (Student, AE)
A VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 201611015384 03.05.2016  
26 Mr. K Sri harsha, Civil Student ,Dr. Shivam tripathi (Asst Dr. , CE), Abhijeet Verma, Student AE, Sunil Nishad, Junior Technician, CE Automated Interactive Multi-parameter Recorder and Water Sampler 201611019268 03.06.2016  
27 Dr. Debopam Das (AE), Mr. Gaurav Seth (Student, AE), Mr. Joydeep Bhowmik (PhD Student, AE) A Foldable Wing Design of an Improved Flapping Wing Aerial Vehicle 201611038098 08.11.2016  
28 Dr. Abhishek (AE), Mr. Rahul R (PhD Student, AE) Coaxial Rotor System with Asymmetric Rotor Arrangement and Method Thereof 201711013049 11.04.2017  
29 Mr. Vishvendra Rustagi (Student, AE), Dr. Anindya Chatterjee (ME), Dr. Mangal Kothari (AE) Angular Momentum Device for Stabilization and Control for Tailless Aircraft 201711017649 19.05.2017  
30 Dr. Abhishek (AE), Mr. R. Rama Krishna (B. tec Student), Mr. Sourav Sinha (B. Tech Student), Mr. Joydeep Bhowmick (PhD Student, AE), Dr.Debopam Das (AE), Dr. Mangal Kothari (AE) Quadrotor Convertiplane Air Vehicle 201711020832 14.06.2017  
31 Dr. Abhishek (AE), Mr. Rajat Tripathi (Student, AE), Mr. M. Rama Krishna (Student, AE), Mr. Sourav Sinha (Student, AE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System having Vertical Takeoff, Vertical Landing, and Hovering Flight Capabilities 201711021886 22.06.2017  
32 Mr. Jay Patrikar (Student, AE), Mr. M. Rama Krishna (Student, AE), Mr. Chirag Jha (Student, AE), Mr. Rachit Agarwal (Student, AE), Dr. A. K . Ghosh (AE) A Portable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Method Thereof 201711029820 23.08.2017  
33 Mr. Santosh Pramanik (JTS, 4i Lab), Mr. Afraz Khan (Alumni, AE), Mr. Ravi Pandey (REO, IPR Cell) A Flow Cell and Method Thereof for Optical Measurement of Micro/nano Structure 201811029094 02.08.2018  
34 Dr. Joydeep Bhowmik (AE), Dr. Debopam Das (AE) Novel Spring Induced Ornithopter Wing Design with a Bent Bar 314953-001 19.02.2019 Design
35 Dr. Abhijit Kushari (AE), Mr. M. C. Keerthi (PhD Student, AE) A Traverse System and Method Thereof 201911009661 13.03.2019  
36 Dr. Joydeep Bhowmik (AE), Dr. Debopam Das (AE) A Spring Induced Ornithopter Wing Design 201911016240 24.04.2019  
37 Dr. Abhijit Kushari (AE), Dr. C. S. Upadhyay (AE), Mr. Rajat Arora (PhD Student, AE), Mr. Chandra Sekar T. (PhD Student, AE), Mr. Keerthi M. C. (PhD Student, AE), Mr. Ramraj H. Sundararaj (PhD
Student, AE)
Force Measurement Arrangement 201911022443 06.06.2019  
38 Mr. Avisor Bhattacharya (PEO, IITK), Mr. Prabhat Kumar Rai (PhD Student, MSE), Ms. Neetu (PhD Student, MSE), Dr. Kallol Mondal (MSE), Dr.
Sandeep Sanghal (MSE), Dr. Shashank Shekhar (MSE), Dr. Chandra Shekhar Upadhyay (AE), Mr. Shubhendu Garg (Student, MSE), Dr. Sankaran S. (IIT Madras), Dr. Bhattacharya Somnath (IIT Madras), Dr. Chandan Srivastava (IISc Bangalore), Dr. Satyam Suwas (IISc Bangalore)
High Strength Steel Composition and Method Thereof 201911030090 25.07.2019  
39 Mr. Tushar Goswamy (Student, AE), Mr. Priyanshu Gupta (Student, CSE), Mr. Himanshu Kumar (PhD Student, EE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE) A System and Method for Detection of Keystroke using Defocus 201911044242 31.10.2019  
40 Mr. Naveen Balaji N (B. Tech Student, AE), Dr. Mangal Kothari (AE), Dr. Abhishek (AE) System and Method for Estimation of Yaw Angle for Mobile Objects 201911048789 28.11.2019  
41 Dr. Debi Prasad Mishra (AE), Mr. Vishnu Hariharan (Research Scholar, AE) Low Nox Fuel Port Array Burner for Emission Control 201911052615 18.12.2019  
42 Mr. Vijay Shankar Dwivedi (Student, AE), Dr. A. K. Ghosh (AE), Dr. G. M. Kamath (AE) A Novel Control Surface “Auxiron” to Optimize Solar Power Collection of Solar Aircraft 201911054467 30.12.2019  
43 Dr. Vaibhav Arghode (AE) A Peripheral Vortex Reverse Flow Combustor with Coaxial Fuel Injection (PVRF-COAX) And Method Thereof 202011004332 31.01.2020  
44 Ms. Kiranjit Das Dalal (Student, EE), Dr. Abhishek (AE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE) Real-time Spherical Omnidirectional Visual Gyroscope 202011057504 31.12.2020