Aerodynamics Faculty

Here are brief details for IIT Kanpur's Aerospace Engineering department faculty, listed in alphabetical order of the surnames. Please click on a name to see a detailed profile. You can also use the smart search feature above to find faculty for a topic or area of specialization.



Alakesh Chandra Mandal, PhD (IISc Bangalore)

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Experimental aerodynamics, Flow instability and transition, Turbulent shear flows

Email: alakeshm[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-259-7062 (O)



Arnab Samanta, PhD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Fluid mechanics, aeroacoustics, hydrodynamic stability, wave mechanics, flow control

Email: asamanta[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-259-2182 (O)



Debopam Das, PhD (IISc Bangalore)


Research Interests: Theoretical and Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Aeroacoustics, Instability & transition, Vortex Dynamics. Unsteady Aerodynamics, Bird's and Insect's Flight

Email: das[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-259-7227 (O) / +91-512-2598578 (R)



Kamal Poddar, PhD (UC, Sandiego)


Research Interests: Aerodynamics, Turbulence, Low and High Speed Flows

Email: kamal[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-2597293, 2597843 (O) / +91-512-2598723 (R)



Arun Kumar Perumal, PhD (IIT Kanpur)

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Experimental aerodynamics, High speed flows, Subsonic and supersonic jets, Jets in cross flow, Impinging jets, Drag reduction on automotive vehicles.

Email: akp[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-259-2155 (O)



Mohammed Ibrahim Sugarno, PhD (IISc Bangalore)

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Experimental Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics, High Enthalpy Test Facilities, Shock Waves

Email: ibrahim[AT]
Phone.No: +91 512-2596345 (O)



Navrose, PhD (IIT Kanpur)

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Optimization, Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Email: navrose[AT]
Phone.No: 0512 259 2022 (Office – 1st Floor, Helicopter Building)


Rakesh Kumar, PhD (Penn State)

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Hypersonics, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Microfluidics, Molecular Dynamics, Heat Transfer & Thermal Design

Email: rkm[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-259-6301 (O) / +91-512-2595524 (R)



Sanjay Mittal, PhD (Minnesota)


Research Interests: Aerodynamics, CFD, FEM

Email: smittal[AT]
Phone.No +91-512-2597906, 2596603 (O) / +91-512-2598702, 2591132 (R)



Sanjay Kumar, PhD (Caltech)


Research Interests: Fluid Mechanics - bluff body wakes, shock-accelerated flows, shock waves, shock tubes

Email: skmr[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-2596768



Tapan K. Sengupta, PhD (Georgia Tech)


Research Interests: Transition and Turbulence, CFD, Aerodynamics

Email: tksen[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-2597945, 2597253 (O) / +91-512-2598482 (R)


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