Propulsion Faculty

Here are brief details for IIT Kanpur's Aerospace Engineering department faculty, listed in alphabetical order of the surnames. Please click on a name to see a detailed profile. You can also use the smart search feature above to find faculty for a topic or area of specialization.


Abhijit Kushari, PhD (Georgia Tech)

Professor & Head

Research Interests: Rocket and Gas Turbine Propulsion, Instrumentation in Combustion and Fluid Mechanics, Liquid Atomization and Liquid Combustion, Active Flow Control, Combustion Instability, Experimental Fluid Mechanics, High Speed Flows

Email: akushari[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-2597126 (O) / +91-512-2598536 (R)



Ashoke De, PhD (Louisiana State University)


Research Interests: CFD, High Speed Flows, Flow-Acoustics Coupling, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Turbulence Modeling, Multiphase flows and Combustion, Energy Harvesting

Email: ashoke[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-259-7863 (O) / +91-512-2598301 (R)



D. P. Mishra, PhD (IISc Bangalore)


Research Interests: Combustion, CFD of Chemically Reacting Flows, Propulsion, Heat Transfer

Email: mishra[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-2597125 (O) / +91-512-2598695 (R)



Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh, PhD (University of Maryland, College Park)

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Combustion and Reacting Flows, Combustion Generated Functional Nanoparticles, Soot Formation and Oxidation, Detonations, Boundary Layer Combustion, Gas Turbine Combustion, Fire Dynamics, Flame Spread, Material Flammability, Renewable Energy Conversion

Phone.No: +91-512-2592006 (O)



Rajesh Ranjan, PhD (JNCASR, Bengaluru)

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Turbomachinery Flows, Applied Aerodynamics, Stability & Flow Control, Transition and Relaminarization, High Performance Computing

Email: rajeshr[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-259-2203 (O)



Sathesh Mariappan, PhD (IIT Madras)

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Fundamentals of thermoacoustic interactions, Application of dynamical systems' theory to thermo fluid systems, Optical flow diagnostics, Acoustic measurements

Email: sathesh[AT]
Phone.No: +91-512-259-6331 (O)



Vaibhav Arghode, PhD (University of Maryland, College Park)

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:Combustion, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Experimental Methods, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Phone.No:+91-512-259-6294 (O)


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