Template for the BSH program in Mathematics and Scientific Computing


Template for 3rd to 8th semester for BSH program in Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

Semester 7

Semester 8


EME (9-11)


HSS-I (9-11)


HSS-II (9)

MTH305 (11)


HSS-II (9)


HSS-II (9)

MTH201 (11)

ESC201 (14)

MTH421 (11)

MTH424 (11)

DE-4 (9)

UGP-2 (9)

MTH302 (11)

MTH204 (11)

MTH403 (11)

MTH430 (10)

OE-1 (9)

OE-4 (9)


MSO205 (11)

MTH301 (11)


ESO207 (12)

DE-2 (9)

OE-2 (9)

OE-5 (9)

E/SO-2 (9-11)

MTH308 (10)

DE-1 (9)

DE-3 (9)

OE-3 (9)

OE-6 (9)





UGP-1 (9)





DEH-1 (9)

DEH-2 (9)

DEH-3 (9)








‒ CPI criterion for BSH: 8.5


  • A student may take additional UGP-3 of 09 credits against DE/OE (UGP will be counted as OE if taken outside the department as consented by the DUGC) requirements. A student can also take a 4th UGP that however will NOT be counted towards fulfilling the graduation requirements.
  • For BSH, students need to do 27 additional credits of DEH by taking DEs from level 6/7 (Honours Course Basket).


Existing Honors Course Basket

Course ID - Title

MTH 604A - Differential calculus on

MTH 611A - Algebra II

MTH 612A - Introduction to commutative algebra

MTH 613A - Rings and modules

MTH 614A - Introduction to Stochastic Calculus

MTH 621A - Fourier analysis

MTH 624A - Differential manifolds and Lie groups

MTH 628A - Topics in Topology

MTH 631A - Approximation theory

MTH 633A - An introduction to hyperbolic geometry

MTH 635A - Introduction to operator theory

MTH 640A - Several complex variables

MTH 641A - Introduction to Lie algebra and representation theory

MTH 642A - Model theory

MTH 644A - Complex function theory

MTH 648A - Differential geometry

MTH 649A - Algebraic topology I

MTH 655A - Parallel numerical methods

MTH 656A - Sobolev spaces and applications

MTH 657A - Graphs and matrices

MTH 658A - Nonlinear dynamical systems

MTH 662A - Chevalley groups and algebraic groups

MTH 663A - Analytical techniques for PDEs

MTH 665A - Asymptotic statistics

MTH 666A - Category theory

MTH 667A - Introduction to algebraic geometry and algebraic groups

MTH 668A - Analytic number theory

MTH 669A - Ergodic theory and applications to metric number theory

MTH 671A - Introduction to arithmetic geometry

MTH 673A - Robust statistical methods

MTH 675A - Geometry of differential forms

MTH 676A - Econometrics

MTH 678A - Techniques in combinatorics

MTH 679A - Spatio-temporal models in mathematical biology

MTH 681A - Statistical decision theory

MTH 682A - Order statistics

MTH 684A - Statistical simulation, data analysis & model building

MTH 686A - Nonlinear regression

MTH 688A - Topics in arithmetic

MTH 689A - Linear and nonlinear models

MTH 690A - Probabilistic theory of pattern recognition

MTH 695A - Empirical processes

MTH 701A - Modal logic

MTH 707A - Markov chain Monte Carlo

MTH 712A - A first course in algebraic number theory

MTH 713A - Differential topology

MTH 716A - Introduction to geometric analysis

MTH 717A - ANN/ML approach for differential equations

MTH 719A - Introduction to homogenization

MTH 720A - Numerical Solutions of Integral Equations

MTH 721A - Computational mathematical finance

MTH 722A - Introduction to homotopy theory

MTH 731A - Introduction to Coxeter groups

MTH 732A - Representation theory of finite groups

MTH 734A - Banach algebras, C*-algebras and spectral theory

MTH 759A - Algebraic topology II

MTH 761A - Vector bundles & characteristic classes

MTH 770A - Numerical techniques for nonlinear dynamical systems

MTH 781A - Statistical pattern recognition

MTH 784A - Statistical reliability theory