IIT Kanpur website 2.0

1. Summary

  • Introduction: IIT Kanpur Development Foundation (IITK DF) is a Section 8, not-for-profit, company established by IIT Kanpur to engage with external stakeholders like Alumni, Corporates, Foundations, and Philanthropists in India and across the globe, and to raise funds to meet its long-term growth aspirations. Such offices are called ‘development offices’ in universities of global repute and usually have a staffing of 1 for every 1,000 alumni.

    IIT Kanpur Development Foundation (IITK DF) is currently accepting proposals for your services on revamping and redesigning the IIT Kanpur website namely

    The project is proposed in phases. The go-live date for phase 1 of the project is 2nd November, 2022. The rest of the phases can be defined and completed within one year ending on or about July, 2023.

  • Purpose: The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from various firms / companies / agencies, to conduct a fair evaluation based on the prescribed criteria, and select the firms / companies / agency(s) who is/are the best fit for the project. IIT Kanpur development foundation reserves the right to award contract(s) as it sees fit and to the bidder or bidders of its choosing when and how it deems appropriate.

2. Nature and Scope of Work

a. The purpose of this project is as follows:

  • The objective is to revamp the website and make it updated, modern and user friendly.

  • Revamp the look and feel of the website.

  • Remove and clean-up of the redundant content.

  • Draft new content.

  • Define brand guidelines for website and bring consistency for all webpages.

  • Upgrade to latest technology.

  • Make it user friendly.

  • Link it with IIT Kanpur’s social media handles.

  • Data field values updated in IITK databases may flow automatically to the new website. This ensures that the displayed data in the new website is never stale or inconsistent.

  • Design a policy for regular maintenance and cater to the wear and tear of the website.

  • Evaluating and understanding the current technology infrastructure on which the existing website is hosted in IIT Kanpur data center and checking the compatibility of the new website development accordingly.

b. Project Description:

The website does not reflect the current legacy and prestige of the institute.

  • The website is not visually appealing and user-friendly.

  • The branding on each page is not consistent.

  • Separate fonts on different pages.

  • Images and text do not align.

  • Standard wireframing for the website.

  • Site navigation.

  • Lack of feel-good factor.

  • The domain wise structure not consistent.

  • University events calendar integration is missing.

  • No distinction between multiple content types.

  • Text --> picture

  • No policy or document library.

  • Outdated branding.

  • In-consistent webpage design.

  • Dead links

c. The scope of this project includes:

  • Cleaning up the links.

  • Create best in class design wireframes.

  • Simple and easy to use navigation.

  • Aesthetically appealing.

  • Competition benchmarking.

  • Restructuring and realignment of the department and micro websites.

  • Make it more secure website.

  • Slick, minimalistic site.

  • Showing university events through calendar integration.

  • Well placed multimedia content

  • Better site navigation

  • consistent branding for the website

  • Do UX testing

  • One time data clean-up

  • Designing new content

3. Selection Criteria

The evaluation would be based on two parameters.

  • Technical evaluation (Total weightage 60%). This is further bifurcated as follows:

  •   Industry experience - 10% weightage

  •   Project approach and technology adoption - 20% weightage

  •   Website development experience – 10 % weightage

  •   Website maintenance strategy – 20% weightage

  • Commercial bidding - Total weightage 40%

  • The above parameters will be accessed by the committee and assigned a score on a rating scale of 1 to 10 as follows:

  •   1 - 6: Does not meet expectations

  •   7 – 8: Meets Expectations

  •   9 – 10: Beyond expectations

The selection of the agency would be based on the total final weighted average score post assessment of the above criteria. The calculation is: Weightage in values * score = final rating.

Criteria Weightage Weightage in values Rating (Scale 1-10) Final Score (Weightage*rating)
Branding & content expertise 10% 0.1
Project approach & technology 30% 0.3
Website architecture experience 10% 0.1
Website Maintenance strategy 10% 0.1
Commercial bid 40% 0.4
Weighted average Score

Selection Procedure:

Actionable Timeline
Publish RFP On 21st July 2022
Submit proposal to RFP On or before 29th July 2022
Shortlisting proposals Between 30th to 31th July 2022
Call for technical presentations Between 01st to 03rd August 2022
Review Proposals by committee Between 04th to 07th August 2022
Call for bids On or before 09th August 2022
Selection On 10th to 12thAugust 2022

IIT Kanpur development foundation reserves the right to suspend or terminate acceptance of proposals at any time as it sees fit, for any reason, without notice or obligation to any bidder.

Any proposals received after this date and time will be returned to the submitting bidder. The proposal must be signed by an official agent or authorized representative of the bidder.

4. Bidder Qualifications

Bidders should provide the following items as part of their proposal for consideration:

  • Description of relevant experience

  • List, title, and employment status of your organization’s management and employees

  • References, testimonials, or samples of your work (as applicable)

  • Resources you will assign to this project (number, title, experience)

  • Full plan of action

  • Proposed technology stack for frontend and backend interfaces

  • Research driven User Experience and analysis of the results

  • Timeframe for project completion

  • Project management methods and details

5. Required Format.

Proposal should be in the following format and address, in detail, the needs and requirements of the proposed project.

  • Contact Information. Provide the name, title, phone number, and email for the best contact for follow up questions and/or to notify of bid status.

  • Clear and precise definitions of what client will provide and what contractor will provide.

  • Summary & Qualifications. Use this section to introduce yourself, your company, and provide information on your relevant experience and qualifications.

  • Methods, Plan and Scope of work. Describe your methodology and capabilities for meeting project deliverables and detail your plan of action for executing and completing this project. Include a detailed milestone timeline in this section.

  • Expectations and Results. Explain your expectations for the project and summarize the results you anticipate achieving. Include a summary of your anticipated timeline for completion in this section.

  • Management and Staff. List all applicable personnel that would be involved with this project, along with their titles, roles, and qualifications. Include the estimated costs associated with these personnel in this section.

  • Communications. Provide a communication plan for how you intend to communicate internally and with project managers to ensure progress and completion of the project.

  • Equipment and Resources. List all necessary equipment and associated costs. Include details of any outsourced or contracted work here.

  • Budget and Costs. Provide a detailed breakdown of all anticipated expenses, as well as a summary of the total proposed costs of the project.

  • Licensing and Bonding. If applicable, list any and all required licenses and/or bonds and include copies of your licensure and/or bond.

  • Insurance. If applicable, provide details of your insurance coverage related to this project.

  • References. Provide seven references for previous work of a similar nature.

6. Deliverables

Any outsourced or contracted work is subject to the requirements of this RFP and must be clearly disclosed in the proposal. Any and all costs must be listed in the proposal, including any outsourced or contracted work. Proposals that include outsourced or contracted work must provide a name and description of the individuals and/or organizations being contracted. All costs must be itemized and include a detailed explanation of all fees and associated costs.

Terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning bidder(s) and will be subject to review by IIT Kanpur and/or its legal advisors, including but not limited to scope, costs, timeline, and anything else applicable to the project.

Send proposals to the below mentioned point of contact:

Kaustav Bakshi
Manager - Technology Solutions
IIT Kanpur Development Foundation
208, Old SAC building, IIT Kanpur Campus,
Kanpur - 208016