Chandrakanta Kesavan Centre for Energy Policy and Climate Solutions

Mr. Sudhakar Kesavan (BT/CHE/1976), an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and his wife, Ms. Alka Kesavan generously donated USD 2.5 million for supporting the Chandrakanta Kesavan Centre for Energy Policy and Climate Solutions. Instituted in his Mother's name, the Centre focuses on policy, education, communications, and outreach efforts aimed at implementing technology and science-based solutions in the country.

Chandrakanta Kesavan Lecture Series

Dr. Rohan Shetty, a Postdoctoral Fellow Lat Faculty of Science UJEP spoke on ‘Vegetation response to Climate Change in the subarctic, alpine and tropical environments: Current projects and future ideas for research development of sustainable landscapes”. Dr Rohan Shetti is a postdoctoral scientist working in the field of landscape ecology and ecosystem dynamics.

Mr. Sanjay Khare, Executive Advisor-Sustainability, Skoda Volkswagen India spoke on ‘Sustainability-Beyond Greening to Conscious Capitalism, a 30 Trillion $ opportunity’. Mr. Sanjay mentors sustainable mobility startups at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore.

Event Highlights

India-UK Symposium on "India-UK Symposium on Decarbonization and Sustainability: Engaging Academia and Industries for Net- Zero [Sustain-NZ]" in February 2024.

Fostering young minds - To make aware of sustainability & renewable energy sources and their experiments, a visit of school kids(40 students of kv iit Kanpur) event held in October, 2023.