Chandrakanta Kesavan Centre for Energy Policy and Climate Solutions

Chandrakanta Kesavan Centre for Energy Policy and Climate Solutions was funded by IITK alumnus Mr. Sudhakar Kesavan ( BT/CHE/1976) .

The Centre is named after Dr. Chandrakanta Kesavan, who pioneered the entry of Indian women in the fields of science and engineering. The Centre was made possible by a gift from Alka and Mr.Sudhakar Kesavan to IIT Kanpur. Mr. Sudhakar Kesavan graduated from IIT Kanpur with a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering in 1976.

IITK has established the Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering (DSEE) with an objective to significantly contribute to the nation’s growing clean, renewable, and alternative energy sector by generating high-quality scientific and technological know-how and human resources. The Centre will further strengthen the Department’s mission in achieving excellence in the key aspects related to energy sustainability, energy policy and outreach. The Centre’s aim is to sharpen the focus on societal impact of IIT Kanpur’s work in these areas, and to assist policy makers with practical solutions to the problems of climate change.

The objective of the Centre is to:

  • Contribute towards the development of world-class research and teaching infrastructure which will be vital for high-quality research outcomes and learning outcomes through academic programmes with a strong focus on energy, technology, energy policy and correlations between technology and policy.
  • Support for expediting the recruitment of world class faculty and contribute to their start up grants.
  • Coveted scholarships for selected PhD students to foster research in key areas of energy sustainability and energy policy to attract highly talented students for PhD.
  • Work with industry affiliates and governments in India and abroad to develop technical solutions and implement.
  • Lead the effort for IIT Kanpur to enable the Institute to go carbon neutral by a reasonable date.
  • Support faculty development through annual grants.
  • Conduct conferences, lectures and seminars by prominent speakers to advance the Centre’s goals.
  • Carryout communication and outreach activities related to Energy policy and Climate Solutions using digital and analog means.