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AVP - Govt. Relations

Experience Required:12-15 yrs

Minimum Education Qualification:
Masters in Public policy or political science or equivalent

Key Responsibilities:

  • Capitalise Govt. Relations
  • Relationship with Govt. Departments
  • Engage Govt. entities in fundraising
  • Legislative & policy development monitoring

AVP Major donor

Experience Required:12-15 yrs

Minimum Education Qualification:
Master's degree in Social Service or a relevant field

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop a major donor strategy.
  • Identify and engage donors.
  • Personalize donor engagement.
  • Collaborate on fundraising initiatives.
  • Facilitate donor relations.

Program Support Executive

Experience Required:0-2 yrs

Minimum Education Qualification:
Any Graduate,Basic of computer

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain stakeholder communication through follow-ups.
  • Coordinate program establishment and progress tracking.
  • Update Donation Management System for accurate reporting.
  • Organize IIT Konverge meetings and schedules.

Admin Support Executive

Experience Required:2-4 yrs

Minimum Education Qualification:
Any Graduate,Basic of computer, Knowledge in accounting/CS is preferred

Key Responsibilities:

  • Efficiently manage inventory by implementing control systems
  • Monitoring stock levels, and conducting audits
  • Handle donation management, purchase requisitions, petty cash, and vendor relations effectively.

Data Profiling Executive

Experience Required:1-4 yrs

Minimum Education Qualification:
Bachelor's & master's degree in a data-related field (statistics, computer science, business analytics)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Screen LinkedIn for professional profiles.
  • Track data completion progress.
  • Ensure data confidentiality.
  • Enter information accurately.
  • Perform additional assigned support tasks.

Data Enrichment Manager

Experience Required:3-4 yrs.

Minimum Education Qualification:
Any Graduate,Basic of computer

Key Responsibilities:

  • Proficient in Zoho CRM and custom applications
  • Managing Institute data by cleaning, analyzing, & integrating from various sources.
  • Collaborates with stakeholders, implements data processes.
  • Ensures security, and utilizes statistical methods for insights.

Student Relations Manager

Experience Required:2-4 yrs.

Minimum Education Qualification:
Bachelors in education, communication, psychology, or social sciences

Key Responsibilities:

  • Enhance student engagement through activities & feedback mechanisms
  • Provide support services, manage communications
  • Foster alumni relations to enrich student experience & promote lifelong connections.

Proposal Writer

Experience Required:3-5 yrs.

Minimum Education Qualification:
Bachelor's in English, Communications or related field.B.Tech preferred

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop proposals and MoUs for projects.
  • Collaborate with teams, tailor proposals, ensure clarity and persuasiveness.
  • Analyze project requirements, identify challenges, provide insights.
  • Assist in project documentation, ensure accuracy.
  • Communicate effectively, liaise between departments.