Class of 1968 celebrates its 55th reunion.

March 2023

The of Class of 1968 - the Frontier Batch celebrated its 55th reunion from 10-12 March. It was a pleasure to listen to their anecdotes and watch them relive their memories with their friends and families. One of the most enthusiastic classes so far, they actively participated in all the activities with full zest and vigor.

Class of 1983 celebrates its 40th reunion

Feb. 2023

The Class of 1983 celebrated its 40th reunion from 24th-25th Feb. 2023. Attended by more than 30 alumni along with their spouses, it was a great opportunity to reconnect and reminisce about their time on campus. The highlight of the reunion was a trip to Ganga Barrage where our alumni took boat rides and enjoyed the sun set.

Class of 1977 celebrates its 45th reunion

Feb. 2023

The Class of 1977 celebrated its 45ht reunion from 20th-22nd Feb. 2023. It was a reunion filled with interesting and funny anecdotes, dance, music, and pure nostalgia. Our alumni along with their spouses got an opportunity to explore the campus and admire its expanse. Some of our alumni also enjoyed the joy ride on gliders.

Class of 1978 celebrates its 45th reunion

Feb. 2023

The Class of 1978 celebrated its 45th reunion from 17th-20th Feb. 2023. It brought friends together along with their spouses who looked into their past with many shades of emotions and were in awe of the present holds.

Class of 1976 celebrates its 45th reunion

Feb. 2023

The class of 1976 celebrated their 45th reunion online due to the Covid-19 pandemic; as part of this year's reunion series, an on-campus event was held to celebrate the same. It was truly an incredible experience to see our beloved alumni come together and reconnect with one another. It was a time to reminisce about old times, catch up on what we've been up to, and share our hopes and dreams for the future.

Class of 2010 celebrates its 10th reunion

Feb. 2023

The Class of 2010 celebrated its 10th reunion from 3-5 Feb. 2023. Attended by more than 60 with their families, alumni enjoyed breakfast in Hall 1 and picnic in the nursery. The Director’s session gave them an opportunity to know the latest development and initiatives of the institute in recent years.

Class of 1971 celebrates its Golden Jubilee reunion

Jan. 2023

The Class of 1971 celebrated its 50th reunion from 23 -25 Jan. 2023. Alumni attended the reunion with their spouses and had a nostalgic tour of the campus. It gave them an opportunity to rekindle memories and reconnect with their friends. Alumni also had an interactive session with the young students of IIT Kanpur.

Class of 1982 celebrates its 40th reunion

Jan. 2023

The Class of 1982 celebrated its 40th reunion from 13-15 Jan. 2023. The highlight of the reunion was the celebration of Lohri on 14 Jan. Alumni came with their families and rekindled memories with their friends.

Class of 1987 celebrates its 35th reunion

Jan. 2023

The Class of 1987 celebrated its 35th reunion from 6th-8th Jan. 2023. The Class took the campus tour and witnessed the growth of IITK; visit to Rozi Shiksha Kendra highlighted the work done by the rural youth, chat-papdi, gol-guppa were a hit. Prof. Ratnesh Kumar was felicitated as he could not attend the Foundation Day ceremony on 02 Nov. 2022.

Class of 1997

Dec. 2022-Jan 2023

The Class of 1997 held its Silver Jubilee reunion from 30th Dec. 2022 - 01 Jan. 2023. More than 70 alumni attended the reunion with their families. It was heartening to witness the camaraderie and friendship of the alumni whose excitement knew no bounds of jubilance on meeting their fellow mates on the turf of their Alma mater. Dancing to the tunes of the latest hit songs, they ushered the New Year with sheer elation and merriment.

Class of 1996

Dec. 2022

The Class of 1996 celebrated their Silver Jubilee Reunion from 24 -26 Dec. 2022. More than 100 alumni got the opportunity to meet their friends along with their families. This reunion held a special place in their hearts as they were meeting their fellow alumni after two years of the pandemic.

Alumni Day

Dec. 2022

In a one of its kind initiative, IIT Kanpur held its the first Alumni Day along with the Silver Jubilee reunion of the class of 1996. We saw the enthusiastic participation of 150+ alumni from across India and abroad. It was nostalgic as alumni from different batches (junior, seniors & batch mates) interacted with each other and recollected fond memories of their Alma mater.

Alumni day will now be an annual event celebrated at the IIT Kanpur campus on the last Sunday of December. IIT Kanpur has always valued its alumni and this day is our attempt to bring alumni back to the campus & make them feel a sense of nostalgia, camaraderie, and pride. It is also an opportunity to keep them pace with the progress made by the Institute and how we can find ways for their more effective contribution to the Institute and fellow alumni.

Class of 1986 celebrates its 35th reunion on campus

Dec. 2022

The Class of 1986 celebrated their 35th reunion from 20-23 Dec. 2022 with full #fun and masti. One of the most enthusiastic batches of IITK, this batch played #cricket, held dhaba-styled dinners, and to top it all, they got an old-fashioned tempo, the one they would ride during their IITK days. In 'Pol-khol' session, many #secrets were revealed; the #stand-up #comedy by Mr. Manoj Nair and Mr. Vivek Srivastava made the audience roll on the floor, laughing. Three days of fun and frolic, and creating new and happy #memories.

Class of 1972 celebrates its Golden Jubilee Reunion

Nov. 2022

It was a reunion to remember for the CLass of 1972 as they celebrated their 50th reunion in IIT Kanpur on 11-13 Nov. 2022. Alumni from around the globe attended a three-day event with their partners and loved ones that brought back memories of their life at the institute 50 years ago. An important milestone for them, where they rekindled and revisited their memories with their classmates, and commemorated this special day. The days were filled with activities such as a picnic to the nursery, fun and entertainment that showcased their talents in singing, dancing, music, poetry, etc., and a cam;pus tour that not only made them reminisce but also left them in awe to see the rapid expansion of the institute. They were happy and elated to share their life experiences and learnings with the interactive student engagement and provided them professional guidance.

Reunion: Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 held its reunion on 11 June 2022 in IIT Kanpur. Due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, convocation could not be held for the graduating students that year. Hence, the theme of the reunion was ‘Convocation’ where students dressed in convocation attire and degrees were distributed. The reunion was attended by 450 students.

IITK Director; Prof. Abhay Karandikar addressed the gathering and motivated students to give back to the Institute. Our esteemed alumnus, Mr. Muktesh Pant in a recorded video message to the students, inspired them to act as young ambassadors of IIT Kanpur and emphasized the importance of giving back to the institute that provided wings to their dreams