Shiksha Sopan

Shiksha Sopan is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) whose aim is to impart value-based education to economically weaker sections of our society. Its various activities are focused in and around the campus of IIT Kanpur. The working philosophy of Shiksha Sopan stands on three fundamental pillars -Shiksha, Sanskar, and Swavalamban.

Objectives of the Fund:

Dr. V. N. Kulkarni Merit Scholarship was instituted by Shiksha Sopan in the year 2011 to provide support to meritorious children from economically backward families, living in the vicinity of IITK campus. The scholarship was initiated in the memory of Late Dr. V. N. Kulkarni, Professor of Physics at IITK. He was an excellent experimental physicist and equally good social worker and an independent thinker. His short life of 56 years was devoted to strengthening India through scientific pursuits and manpower training.

Major Highlights & Activities Undertaken:

Shiksha Sopan organizes VNK Merit Scholarship Program every year in which Shiksha Sopan conducts exams for students studying in schools near the IIT campus and provides the Shiksha Sopan Scholarship to selected students. In FY 2020-21, Scholarships were distributed to 47 students who benefited from thsi program. This schiolarsgip distribution program was organized at Sopan Ashram on the occasion of Republic Day where 200 audiences were gathered for the encouragement of the scholars. A total of 47 students received the scholarship. An amount of Rs. 120000 was distributed among the students. The scholars use this amount to pay the school fee and purchase books. Moreover, Shiksha Sopan also helps these students in their curriculum. Whenever they find any diffculty while studying they are allowed to visit Sopan Ashram and take help from any volunteer for solving their problems related the their course. Shiksha Sopan always focuses on the development of the skills and thinking power of the students so they can do better in their related filed.

Scholarship Distribution

No. of student 27 selected in VNK Exam

(Year 2020)

S. No. Class No. of Students Amount in Rs. Total amount in Rs.
1 5 3 2500 7500
2 8 4 3500 14000
3 10 4 4500 18000

1 Appreciation Prize amount for Asha Trust Students Rs. 11000.00
2 Consolation Prize Amount - (500X10=5000) + (1500X2=3000)
3 No. of student 12
4 Total Amount Rs. 8000.00
Scholarship Distribution Ceremony, Sopan Ashram, Nankari, Kanpur