Academic Initiatives

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur today enjoys an enviable stature in the world of academia due to its path-breaking high quality research and faculty who continue to explore new research frontiers and make significant strides in their fields. One of the prime forces behind this success is the institute’s alumni and well-wishers who from time-to-time have turned their attention towards supporting the institute and contributing generously. A large number of Faculty Chairs, Research Fellowships have been set up primarily because of the huge support received.

Faculty Chairs

Faculty Chairs have been set up to recognise the outstanding achievements of the faculty who enjoy a reputation for excellence in their research areas thus facilitating in their research. They are usually conferred upon a faculty for a period of three years and may get renewed based on his/her performance and interest.

Current Chairs

Faculty Fellowships

Faculty Fellowships are awarded for a period of three years as young Faculty Research Fellowships to those who are below the age of 40 years and have made outstanding contribution in their research areas

Faculty Achievements

Convocation Awards

Sushila and Kantilal Mehta Award

Dr. Dootika Vats

Mathematics and Statistics

Gopal Das Bhandari Memorial Distinguished Teacher Award

Prof. Amit Shekhar Kuber

Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty Awards

1989 Batch Faculty Award

Dr. Purushottam Kar

Computer Science and Engineering

Best Teacher Award in Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Late Prof. Pramod Subramanyan

Computer Science and Engineering Department

CNR Rao Faculty Award

Prof. Arjun Bagchi

Department of Physics.

Suman Gupta Fellowship for Foreign Language Teacher

Mrs. Shubha Karnick

French Language Instructor